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Hassan Badru is a 25-year-old Nigerian social entrepreneur. He is the Founder/CEO of Rebruit – Social Job Network that allows users create, find and share opportunities. He graduated with an Electrical & Computer Engineering degree from Morgan State University. He moved to Boston, MA for his Masters in International Business degree. After sometime into his degree, he started focusing on ways to tackle the unemployment crisis that Africa faced. He had expressed interest in standing out to make a positive impact wherever he found himself. He never believed in limitations and strived to attain excellence & optimum success while doing this. His passion for the sustenance of humanity drove him to launch campaigns. He is a visionary youth with the drive and zeal to make the world a better place for everyone, starting with where he hails from - Africa. He serves and contributes to the growth and development of Africa, and the world as a whole. He has always believed in youth empowerment and enlightenment as a major tool required for Africa to move forward. Hassan held a number of leadership positions within and outside college and has also been involved in a couple of causes, campaigns and initiatives. In 2007, at the age of 15, Hassan published the Science Youth Magazine; “Inquisitive Minds”. His publication helped create awareness about applications of technology amongst youths in Nigeria. At the age of 16, Hassan launched another project called “TheAutoMag.” As an engineer, his plan was to pioneer the auto-manufacturing industry in Nigeria. He believed in Nigerian ingenuity and wanted to start a movement that could put this to work to boost unemployment and job creation. At the age of 19, Hassan launched an Non-profit organization (Youthful For A Cause - YFAC) alongside Clare Ofodile to promote social, political & economic empowerment in Nigeria. Every other venture Hassan attempted to start was geared towards development in Africa (Nigeria).

Hassan has been directly or indirectly affiliated for with the following organizations among others; US Funds for UNICEF, World Bank - Infodev, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Amnesty International, Millenium Campus Network, Youth Employment Network, Enough is Enough NIGERIA, Africa Unbound, Habitat For Humanity, Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers, Maryland Professional Engineer Project Management Institute.

Knowing his passion for making the world better, Hassan ran for several campus and professional leadership positions. Hassan was appointed the Maryland and Washington DC Zone coordinator for the National Society of Black Engineers. Serving a dual position, he was also the Regional Publications chair for the Mid-Eastern region of the United States. He was the youngest and the only sophomore on the Regional Executive board. After campaigns and a campus-wide election, Hassan became a Student Senator within the Student Government Association at Morgan State University. During EGG startup weekend at North Eastern University, Hassan successfully mentored and helped his mentees raise early-stage capital for their project. Through innovative techniques, the team used mechanical/renewable energy to provide clean drinking water for people in impoverished regions in the world. Hassan’s team was also a runner-up for the 2012 Hult Prize (Global case challenge) competition where his team came up with a technique to help ensure that food security remained sustainable. They strategically positioned their project to focus on food production efficiency. This team project spanned into a social business – Hazia. Hazia re-engineered the traditional agricultural co-op model into a new, innovative model that would do more than just increase production capabilities for medium and small-scale farmers in Africa. It was also designed to create a micro-economy. Hazia was featured on an Huffington Post’s article related to Social Entrepreneurship. In 2012, Hassan’s startup Hois Jobb was featured as “Startup of the week” by in2up. Hois Jobb as a social enterprise committed to improving living standards of people in developing nations by the use of technology. Hois Jobb is the backbone behind the inception of Rebruit. In 2013, Hassan decided to move back to Nigeria to work on and launch his own technology startup - Rebruit. He is focused on developing innovations for sustainable social impact targeted at specific socio-economic challenges.  He believes economic growth can't be possible without jobs because they are at the heart of a country's growth. From statistics, over a billion people in the world will reach working age within the next decade but sadly, many won’t be able to enter the workforce. Nigeria’s youth unemployment rate is above 50% and that has only been getting worse each year. His startup seeks to address this unemployment crisis in Africa, so they developed a platform that would use technology to foster job creation, growth and access. His vision is to ensure everyone who wants a job can get a qualifying job, thus facilitating a fully employed and productive active population. This innovative & intuitive social platform allows users to leverage the power of their network to actively search or get matched with quality & trusted jobs or talents, thus significantly increases reach per region while also reducing time, costs & effort.

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